The amount of the security deposit and hire varies with each garment, and is found with the garment description.

Any damage, loss or late fees are charged separately.

Any rips and tears are at an extra cost. Garments are checked over and noted of any defects before hiring. We also ask that you don’t wear too much fragrance as some people are sensitive to fragrances and some don’t go away with dry cleaning.

If a garment is lost call us immediately. We will work out a time frame if it’s not found by then a FULL RRP price will be charged. I personally favour those who are honest and truthful about a garment than those who lie. With having trouble in the past we would like you to take note that we notice EVERYTHING.

At this point of time we only hire to Adelaide residents but will be expanding to all of Australia eventually.

Have any more questions? Please email us at Threadvibes@gmail.com